Gaming Industry’s Impact on Business



Gaming, a fast-paced and ever-expanding multi-billion dollar-a-year market, has shaped our culture and driven innovation for consumer experiences.  As businesses re-tool to meet and exceed loyalty-challenged consumer expectations, enterprises are well-served by taking cues from this nontraditional industry.

Bill Bronske, Senior Solutions Architect – Artificial Intelligence, Globant

Bill has over 20 years’ experience delivering custom solutions and commercial software products in key engineering roles. He is the chief architect responsible for Globant’s OTT platform, Signal, a video services platform that powers native mobile client apps, consoles, and smart TVs. His passion to deliver optimum partner value has earned the confidence and repeat business of many startups, mid-size and enterprise customers.  Bill is an inventor of four patented internet technologies and currently leads Globant’s AI and engineering efforts in Seattle.

About Globant

Globant, a digitally native software services company of over 10K members strong and founded in 2003, empowers organizations through digital and cognitive transformations.  Globant’s organizational fitness lifecycle and deep pockets of expertise in the latest technologies and trends enables our customers to stay ahead of their markets.