The Hoy Polloy Premieres New Single “Dangerous,” In Collaboration With Jadakiss And Vina Love

The Hoy Polloy joins forces with globally recognized and Grammy-nominated Hip Hop artist, Jadakiss, and talented vocalist, Vina Love, for the indie hip-hop and pop-infused single, “Dangerous,” now available on all digital platforms.

The Hoy Polloy is a Miami-based multi-genre band reminiscent of Childish Gambino, Gym Class Heroes, and The Roots. For their new single, the group partnered with Jadakiss, the most recognizable member of the legendary LOX, and Vina Love, a second-generation singer/songwriter, and daughter of the legendary DJ Kid Capri.

Each artist wrote their part for “Dangerous,” with The Hoy Polloy lead singer, K Sos, fleshing out the original composition. Long-time Hoy Polloy collaborator, PSBeats did the production. With its captivating hook, magnetic rhymes and Miami vibes, “Dangerous” will undoubtedly be this summer’s new anthem.

“I’ve been a fan of Jadakiss for over two decades,” said K Sos. “As a musical artist, I’ve always admired his ability to consistently evolve and produce unique bangers. I knew we had to have him on this album. And when he agreed to the collaboration, he suggested we use his artist, Vina Love, for the hook. After I heard her part, it was a no brainer.”

“Dangerous” is the first track to be released from The Hoy Polloy’s newest album, Valkyrie, set to launch later this year. The new project will feature artists such as Les Nubians, AZ, and Scotty ATL, as well as a few notable surprises.

Known primarily for their rock music, The Hoy Polloy boldly turned a page, venturing into the hip-hop arena in 2018. They debuted their first hip-hop album, No Pressure, and soon after joined the 24-city U.S. & CanadaTrust The Process II: Undefeated Tour, with rapper Ace Hood.

The Hoy Polloy and lead singer K Sos boast an impressive record, opening for Ludacris, Redman and Method Man, Pepper, Project Pat, GZA, and Talib Kweli, among others.

While recording ValkyrieThe Hoy Polloy is simultaneously recording their new rock EP, Kiss the Princess, the fourth of four in their spirit animal series. A tour is likely to follow the completion of both albums and will feature the band’s uniquely hybrid genre set.

K Sos adds, “Art is one of the only arenas where having a blueprint, will lead to your demise. If you were an architect and you found a design that worked well for building staircases, then you’d want to use that design over and over again because it works. As an artist, if a blueprint starts to form, it means you aren’t evolving as an artist, and you’re relying on what worked in the past, instead of developing your creativity. A one trick pony can only do his trick so many times before people say, I’ve already seen that, show me something different.”

Dangerous Now Available on all digital platforms