Food Crosses All Cultures and Brings People Together

Food Crosses All Cultures and Brings People Together

Karl spoke to Mario Ramirez, Restaurant Entrepreneur, and they spoke about the event he is organizing Mexico De Mil Sabores, September 13th at SMU and September 14th and 15th at the Dallas Farmers Market.

Karl also spoke to Shad Kvetko, Co-Founder of Las Almas Rotas, and Shad educated Karl on the different spirits from Mexico and their specialties.

It was a great privilege to have the Honorable Francisco de la Torre the General Consul of Mexico in Dallas as a guest.

This year, the General Consulate of Mexico in Dallas will celebrate the Mexican Independence within the Culinary Summit of Mexican Cuisine: Mexico of 1000 Flavors, 

During this celebration, gastronomic, commercial, artistic, academic, cultural and entertainment activities will be developed. Personalities of traditional cuisine and Mexican haute cuisine will be present to participate in this unprecedented event that aims to collaborate in the rescue, safeguarding and promotion of Traditional Mexican Cuisine as a Cultural Heritage of Humanity, as part of the Action Plan committed with UNESCO.

100 Years of Tex Mex Food

The popularity of Mexican cuisine has led to the emergence of several variations of this cuisine in other countries. The Tex-Mex cuisine evolved in Texas-Mexico in Southwest America, and is a modification of traditional cuisine with an unusual American touch to it. One of the best examples of the Tex-Mex cuisine is the ‘refried beans’, which is a term that has actually been coined in Texas, and is the translation of the Mexican term ‘Frijoles refritos’. The Tex-Mex cuisine is however quite different from original Mexican cuisine, even though it might include the same ingredients to a certain extent. Similarly, there also exists a ‘New Mexican Cuisine’, a type of regional cuisine originating from the state of New Mexico in USA and in southern Colorado, and is a subset of Mexican-American cuisine.


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